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Our Unique Contribution, Team & Tools

Magnetic Brand helps you Unearth your Unique Contribution, Own your Difference and Stand Out in the Mind
in order to 
Make your Brand the Center of Attraction without wasting your Time, Effort or Money.

A Focused Positioning Strategy is the Keystone to this end.
The Positioning Concept and the principles and rules surrounding it are Timeless

as they are based on science: the Science of how the MIND works. 
Learning these rules of Marketing is easy. However it takes skill & experience to apply them to each case.

That's where we come in to help.

Your Positioning Experts

MMagnetic Brand is

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Helping you Win by getting into the Mind First 

Our Unique Contribution*:
A Focused Positioning Strategy

For over 25 years our very own focus has been on

developing Focused Positioning Strategies for major global and local brands.

Why Focused?

It is said that it takes 10000 hours to become an expert in any area of life.

That says a lot about the importance of honing skills & gaining experience.

Focus is about becoming an Expert and projecting Expertise, and it is crucial to owning a Position. 

We take our own advice to be THE experts in the area of

crafting THE Focused Positioning Strategy that will make a Brand Magnetic.

And we help you do it for your brands.

Everything we do, therefore, is about delivering a Focused Positioning Strategy

& we follow up by providing Coaching for Execution.

*Unique Contribution: A Unique, Consistent
Difference that Cannot  be Copied, at least in THE MIND.

Our Team

Al Ries

Al first rose to fame in 1972 when a series of three articles on a new concept called “positioning” authored by Al Ries & Jack Trout appeared in Advertising Age. The positioning idea took the ad world by storm and was voted by AdAge as one of the 75 most important advertising ideas of the past 75 years.

Al is known as the Pioneer of Positioning.

He is the bestselling author (or co-author) of 11 books, which have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide.

Al currently writes marketing columns for AdAge and shares his insight through the Ries Report.

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Laura Ries

Laura Ries is a leading marketing strategist, bestselling author, and television personality.

In 1994, Laura founded Ries & Ries, a consulting firm, with her father and partner, Al Ries.

She is the co-author of several books with Al Ries and the author of Battlecry and Visual Hammer.
Laura is a frequent marketing analyst on major news programs from the Today Show to Squawk Box.

In 2008, the Atlanta Business Chronicle named Laura a top 40 under 40.

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Meltem Heper

Meltem is the founder of Magnetic Brand, a Marketing Consultancy especially focused on Brand Positioning Strategy.

Previously, Meltem has worked in top executive level positions for companies ranging from Fortune 500 (Unilever, 15+ years) to Small & Medium Sized Companies - looking to either go global or gain strength locally - to Start Ups, driving major Global & Local Brands.

Meltem has received various marketing awards throughout her career and has been named one of the "Top 25 Marketers of Turkey" (2003) by Capital Magazine.

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Our Timeless Principles, Model & Tools

In the year 1971, a new era in Marketing began with the birth of the Concept of Positioning,

theorized by Al Ries and named by Jack Trout.
In 1981, Positioning, the Battle for Your Mind, by Al Ries & Jack Trout, was published.
Since then, the book has sold more than 3 million copies in 22 countries around the world. 
In the year 2008, Fortune selected the Positioning book as the "best business classic".
In the year 2009, Advertising Age Readers voted the book the "best marketing book they have ever read".
The second best book, Ogilvy on Advertising.
The third best book, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, by Al Ries and Laura Ries.
The Positioning Principles and the Laws of Marketing & Branding outlined by the authors are not only still valid after close to half a century,

they are more important than ever in an era of constant change & increased competition; 

ignoring them is at the risk of crisis like many others have experienced before.
And how has a marketing concept and the principles and rules surrounding it become so timeless?
As back then, now and forever, they are based totally on the the workings of the human MIND.

Positioning Principles

Find an Open Hole

Narrow Your Focus

Name is Foremost

The Verbal Nail

The Visual Hammer

Want help implementing these principles?

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Magnetic Brand

A Global Partner of RIES & RIES, The Positioning Pioneers.

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