Who Are We?

Magnetic Brand was founded in 2010 by Meltem Heper.

Meltem is a Management Consultant and Strategic Positioning Expert.

She is a Global Partner at RIES Strategic Positioning Consulting. Magnetic Brand is a Solutions Partner of RIES Turkey. 


What Do We Do and What's In It For You?


We help companies & brands strategically Position themselves for Market Dominance and Profitable Growth.

Our Focus is research, application & evaluation of best practices, synthesizing Strategic Positioning, Marketing Science and Neuromarketing learnings, to help them Own a Winning Position, i.e.,

Stand Out in the Mind & Become a Center of Attraction without wasting Time, Effort or Money.  

The Keystone to Own a Winning Position in your category, a Focused Positioning Strategy, brought to life via your Name, Verbal Nail & Visual Hammer is the first step.

Marketing Mix Management Guidance, including the critically important briefs & debriefs, ensure all innovative and creative projects Strengthen your Winning Position and take you to the next level.

Establishment of the Optimal Organization, Planning / Implementation Process & Investment Guidelines tailored to your organization ensure your business, marketing & brand management Sustain your Winning Position, opening the path to healthy globalization.

All of our service models have been developed, tested and refined for over 25 years with consulting AND actual in-house experience on major Global and Local brands.

Why Work With Us?

Our Timeless Principles, Tools & Methodologies are based on neuroscience & proven by empirical research & countless cases.
Learning these rules of Marketing is easy. However, it takes skill & experience to apply them to each case.

That's where we come in to help.

Positioning Partners
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Magnetic Brand is

the Solutions Partner of

RIES Strategic Positioning Consulting Turkey


Helping you Win by getting into the Mind First 

Your Positioning Expert

Meltem Heper

Global Partner @ RIES | Founder @ Magnetic Brand  

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Meltem’s passion is bringing CLARITY to Chaotic Environments to unleash Healthy Growth.

This passion has led her to focus on Strategic Positioning as a Management Consultant.
She helps Companies, Leaders and Cultures formulate their overall strategy in the light of a Clear Positioning to become a Global Center of Attraction.
Positioning is Owning a word, a concept or a category in the Mind;

it defines a brand, what it is and what it is not.
Meltem has developed service models to Clarify, Strengthen and Sustain a Strategic Positioning by synthesizing extensive research on the subject with more than 25 years of in-house experience spanning global companies to new ventures. 
Her most important insight is that to create a Magnetic Brand, instead of wasting resources on popular tactics, a Clear Positioning has to be the centerpiece of all strategies. 

With this in mind, she became the sole authorized Turkish partner of the inventor of Positioning, Al Ries and his daughter Laura Ries, to establish RIES Turkey and its solution partner Magnetic Brand.

Previously, she served as a top level executive in many different organizations from Fortune 500 companies (Unilever 15 years) to SMEs and Start-Ups, and led leading Global and Local brands.

Besides managing countless brands from Dove to Duru, Dalin, Cistus & Knauf and experiencing both B2C and B2B business models, playing a role in the transformation of family companies has contributed to her perspective today at least as much as her global company experience.

She has received various marketing awards throughout her career and has been named

one of the "Top 25 Marketers of Turkey" by Capital Magazine.

“When You Are Clear, Miracles Happen”, Chris Attwood, Co-Founder of The Passion Test

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Timeless Principles, Tools & Methodologies

Based on Neuroscience

Proven by Countless Cases & Empirical Research on Successful AND Unsuccessful Brands  

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