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A Proven Marketing Planning & Implementation System - Tailored to Your Needs -
for Sustainable Profitable Growth

Category Audit


Competitive Advantage 

Understand your Market, Customers & Competition

in order to Dominate your Category

This is not about using research

the way everyone else does.

It's not about doing what customers tell you they want.

It's about understanding how to outsmart & become invulnerable to Competition.

We go through all data on:

Market, Customers & Competitors

to identify the key Issues and Opportunities to be tackled in preparation for the next step:

Strategic & Operational Planning. 

Business Meeting

Positioning Strategy Formulation & Implementation Coaching


Magnetic Branding

Proper Positioning is the #1 Prerequisite to Becoming Magnetic:

The Magnetic Branding Process

is our Core Strength.

Positioning is at the Heart of this Process

where we collaborate with the Pioneers of the Concept, Al & Laura Ries.

We are there with you to 

Craft a Focused Positioning Strategy for your Brand & 

the Brand Mix elements that reflect that Positioning,


Provide guidance for yearly plans to make sure

everything you do in Execution

reflects & strengthens that Positioning.

Budget & KPI Strategy


Maximum Efficiency

Save Money by Questioning your 

Mindset & Habits

Focus on what will serve you 

Save on what will not

Millions are wasted due to the dominant

Mindset & Habits of Marketing Management Teams.

If you do insist on "Leaving Marketing to the Marketing Department" we are here to help.

The right strategy will already save you from wasting resources by magnetising your brand.

The budget you should then spend should work to strengthen that position.

Why spend a cent on stuff that does not work???

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Magnetic Brand

A Global Partner of RIES & RIES, The Positioning Pioneers.

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